Our experienced staff will record daily in a site dairy, relevant  events pertaining to the project.
These notes will form the basis of his weekly report which is sent to the Contract Administrator for circulation to the design team. This report will be accompanied by digital photographs.

Our Clerk of Works will examine progress on the project on a weekly basis by comparing planned to actual and give early warning of any delays.

He will also keep a record of resources on site ie staff and machinery.


At Construction Solutions ( Ireland ) we have been included in many projects some of which have involved :

• deep excavation eg for basement car parking
• rock and soil nailing
• sheet, contiguous, bored and driven piling
• roads construction
• drainage


Our experienced M&E Clerks of Works will carry out frequent inspections of M&E installations to ensure that all installations comply with the relevant regulations.


There is an old adage which states that “ just because it’s new doesn’t mean it’s right “
How true this is, particularly in construction.

Once appointed we will carry out an in depth inspection of your property which will include both the interior and the exterior of the building.

Two copies of our written report will be given to you within two days of our inspection being carried out. One of these will be for your contractor.

We will carry out a follow up de-snagging visit to ensure that everything on our list has been done to a satisfactory standard.


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